Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce in a marriage can not be separated from effects on children. Many factors are considered first before explaining about the impact the development of children after a divorce between fathers and their mothers.

These factors could include changes in the child's age and stage of child development, conflict after divorce, child gender and parenting styles after divorce. All it can illustrate how the impact of divorce granted due to the development of the child at the time and the future.

Age and Growth Changes

Age of children at the time of divorce should be considered. The response of small children on divorce response mediated by the limited cognitive and social competence, their dependence on parents.

Not yet mature cognitive and social factors they will be more profitable they are as a teenager. During adolescence, they remembered less about the conflict and divorce that occurred when they were little. But it is undeniable that they are also disappointed and angry over the development of their growth without the presence of an intact family or never divorced.

Children who have a teenager and experiencing parental divorce are more likely to remember the conflict and stress surrounding the divorce was ten years later, in their early adulthood. They also seemed disappointed with the state of those who grow up in families that are not intact.

They also become concerned when their lives would not be better if they do not do something better. In adolescence they can go in and trapped and drug problems of juvenile delinquency in adolescents who experienced parental divorce at a small and growing adolescents in intact families.


Many separation and divorce is a matter of very emosiaonal who drowned children into the conflict. Conflict is a critical aspect of family functioning that are often more severe than the effect of family structure on child development.

For example, divorced families with relatively low koflik better than an intact family but with relatively high conflict. In the years after the divorce conflict has not subsided but it could be growing. At this time, boys from divorced families showed more adjustment problems than children from intact families whose parents are there.

During the first year after divorce, the quality of care that parents are often poorly done. Parents are often busy with the needs of their own needs and adjustments such as depression, confusion and emotional instability.

During the second year after divorce, parents are more effective in mnegerjakan child-care tasks, particularly girls.

Sex and Essentials of Child Care

The sex of the child and parental caregiver is an important consideration in evaluating the effect of divorce on child development. Children who live with parents carers with gender equality show that more competent social conditions such as happier, more independent, and more adults than in children who live with a parent carer of the opposite sex.

In an another study, found that adolescents with both sexes male and female who lived with mother's family will be able to make adjustments from the father lived with the family.

Conclusions about children from divorced families. In short, a large number of children who grow up in a divorced family. Most children initially experience severe stress when their parents divorced and they are at risk of behavioral problems Develop problem. But divorce can also release children from marital conflict. Many children who experience parental divorce to be a competent individual.

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