Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Why do women file for divorce more often than men?

Every couple wants marriage lasting forever. Over time, there was a marriage which foundered due to divorce. Recent research shows, most of the divorce comes from the desire of his wife. While the husbands would not be too long a widower after the divorce.

An AARP survey was initiated to find a mate who will or have been divorced, 66 percent came from women's desire for a divorce. While the man who wants the divorce as much as 41 percent.

After divorce, most ex-husband will soon be seeking a new life pendampng. "Only 33 percent of men who claimed not to be re-married after divorce," says the survey, as quoted from MSBNC.

As for women, divorce gives freedom and personal identity. As many as 43 percent of divorced women will worry they experienced a similar incident when she got married again. "Most women who divorce recognizes happier than when they were married."

Author of 'Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart', Sherry Argov, said there were differences in views between men and women to the cause of the failure of households and the desire to get married.
For men, marriage means the responsibility for family finances and women to meet household needs. In the event of divorce, the man left the house but still bear the needs of her children. Gender equality and work to make the man with the experience of divorce would choose a younger woman.

As for women, marriage means the obligation increases. Birth control is often made women to pursue a career path is higher.

Since childhood, girls imagine spoken for a man who asked her to marry. Marriage for most women, according to Argov, is a picture of the queen one day. Most girls dream of them wearing a white dress with all views towards him.

The opposite occurs in men, which is depressed because the center of attention at a wedding. In addition, the men chose not to repeat all the hassles that occur when taking care of the wedding. If divorced, he wants a longer relationship with a new partner.

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